Wholesale UV curing pure acrylate for stone, glass and metal

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ZC5620 is mainly used for exterior wall emulsion paint and various color coatings. It can also be used for high-grade interior wall paint. When combined with silica sol, it can produce high-grade real stone paint and exterior wall cement paint. ZC5620 is made of pure acrylic emulsion. Because acrylic emulsion is used as raw material and acrylic ester has excellent outdoor durability, the weatherability of ZC5620 is excellent, especially aging resistance, color retention and light retention. Its technical index: viscosity is 4000-6000mpa S / 25 ℃, acid value < 5 (mg KOH / g), functionality 2 (theoretical value), color yellowish and transparent; This product has the advantages of fast curing speed, wear resistance, scratch resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, high reaction activity and so on. It is widely used in the fields of light curing ink, wood furniture, floor coating, paper coating, plastic coating, optical fiber coating, metal coating and adhesive.

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Product Detail

Product code ZC5620
Appearance Transparent yellowish liquid
Viscosity   4000 -6000 at 25 Celsius Degree
Functional  <2
Product features Good adhesion, good water resistance, good wettability and fast reaction speed
Stone, glass, metal
Specification 20KG  25KG  200KG
Acid value (mgKOH/g) <10
Transport Package Barrel

Product Description

The characteristics of pure acrylate are

1. Solid content

Solid content refers to the proportion of solid contained in waterproof coating. Since the coating is formed by the solid components after coating, the solid content is closely related to the film thickness and film quality.

2. Heat resistance

Heat resistance refers to that the waterproof film after the waterproof coating is formed will not soften and deform at high temperature. Non flowing performance, i.e. high temperature resistance.

3. Flexibility

Flexibility refers to the flexibility of the film after the waterproof coating is formed at low temperature. It reflects the construction and application performance of waterproof coating at low temperature.

4. Impermeability

Impermeability refers to the performance that the waterproof coating will not leak under a certain water pressure (hydrostatic pressure or hydrodynamic pressure) and within a certain time. It is the main quality index of waterproof coating to meet the requirements of waterproof function.

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Wholesale UV curing pure acrylate for stone, glass and metal (3)
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