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In China, more and more newspaper printing enterprises choose to use UV resin technology and equipment for production. Its technical advantages are as follows: fast drying, high density; Online printing of advertisements; Can print book cover on coated paper; Can be printed on magazine paper; It can preprint inserts; It can increase the commercial attraction of newspapers; Add value to existing products.

These technical advantages make UV resin printing technology become the main means for some newspaper printing enterprises to achieve business growth and income increase in the current economic environment. In some cases, UV resin technology can help users recover their investment as quickly as possible. As publishers tighten their monetary policy and stop investing in large rotary printing machines, they are likely to turn their attention to UV resin printing and other technologies with high return on investment.

Although some printing plants have a large amount of surplus capacity, they still take some live parts to the printing plants with thermosetting printing machines for outsourcing processing, which forms a great waste. Although the price of UV resin printing ink is higher than that of ordinary thermosetting ink, the advantages of UV resin printing technology in logistics and printing costs are very obvious under the condition of a certain circulation. Even though the price of thermosetting inks has always been consistent with the price of crude oil and is currently at a high level, there is still a certain distance from the price of UV resin inks, because the latter has a high purity – while thermosetting inks contain at least 40% of solvent.

However, in order to successfully integrate the UV resin technology into the existing production line, many technical parameters need to be considered, such as the overall improvement of the ink cost, the rheology different from other inks, and the different chemical properties, which will put forward some new requirements for the setting of the ink conveying system, ink roller and rubber cloth.

In addition, UV resin printing technology has many advantages that thermosetting printing technology does not have, which makes it an ideal substitute for traditional newspaper printing technology: it will not blister; No post-incinerator is required; The printed matter will not shrink under the condition of heating and does not need secondary humidification; No moire; It will not cause the paper fiber to warp; It will not rub dirt on the guide roller, folding machine, conveyor belt and mailing equipment of the printing machine; There will be no printing scratch in the dryer; The product and paper roll will not be wavy; The floor area of its drying device is smaller than that of HS dryer; There is no need to change the direction of the dry paper roll.

Categories in UV resin printing

Post time: Mar-06-2023