What are the ingredients of UV curable coatings?

Ultraviolet curing (UV) coating is a new type of environmental protection coating. Its drying rate is very fast. It can be cured by UV light in a few seconds, and the production efficiency is high.

UV curable coatings are mainly composed of oligomers, active diluents, photoinitiators and additives.

1. oligomer

Film forming substance is the main component of coating, and it is the fluid component of coating. The film performance, workability and other special properties of the coating mainly depend on the film-forming material. The film-forming material of UV coating is an oligomer. Its performance basically determines the application performance, light curing rate, film performance and other special properties of the coating before curing.

UV coatings are mainly free radical light curing systems, so the oligomers used are various acrylic resins. Cationic UV coating oligomers are epoxy resin and vinyl ether compounds.

2. active diluent

Active diluent is another important component of UV coating. It can dilute and reduce viscosity, and can also adjust the performance of cured film. Acrylate functional monomers have high reactivity and low volatility, so they are widely used in UV coatings. Acrylic esters are commonly used as active diluents for UV coatings. In the actual formulation, mono -, Bi -, and multi-functional acrylates will be used together to make their properties complementary and achieve a good comprehensive effect.

3. photoinitiator

Photoinitiator is a special catalyst in UV coatings. It is an important component of UV coatings and determines the UV curing rate of UV coatings.

For colorless varnish UV coatings, 1173, 184, 651 and bp/ tertiary amine are often used as photoinitiators. 184 with high activity, low odor and yellowing resistance, it is the preferred photoinitiator for yellowing resistant UV coatings. In order to improve the light curing rate, it is often used in combination with TPO.

For non-ferrous UV coatings, photoinitiators should be itx, 907, 369, TPO, 819, etc. Sometimes, in order to reduce the oxygen polymerization inhibition and improve the UV curing rate, a small amount of active amine is often added into UV coatings.

4. additives

Additives are the auxiliary components of UV coatings. The role of additives is to improve the processing performance, storage performance and application performance of the coating, improve the film performance and endow the film with some special functions. Commonly used additives for UV coatings include defoamer, leveling agent, wetting dispersant, adhesion promoter, matting agent, polymerization inhibitor, etc., which play different roles in UV coatings.


Post time: Aug-02-2022