UV resin makes an appointment with you for a better life

Cement floors, earth walls, bricks and tiles may be the “childhood memories” of many people The times are developing, and now the material conditions are good. Everyone uses furniture products made of wood floors, floor tiles, coatings, plastics and other materials,

UV resin and UV curing technology are quietly coming to the front line of our daily life and production! In recent years, with the large-scale processing of domestic furniture, UV coatings, adhesives and inks have gradually entered the production and life fields such as wood coating. They are often applied to various polymer materials in people’s daily life. These polymer materials constitute an essential part of people’s daily life.

Its advantages are also widely recognized. At present, it has been widely used in paper, plastics, metals, glass, ceramics and other fields, and is developing in the direction of functionalization.

Nowadays, the important influence of this resin on the development of enterprises has been found in many fields. Therefore, the application of this material will be increased. In the future society, I believe that the field that can be applied to this kind of resin material will be wider. Consumers don’t have to worry about the hidden opportunity in their family environment, so that their life can become healthier and better, and they can really enjoy a better life.

UV curable resins have been widely used in prepolymers of curing systems such as coatings, inks and adhesives. As a new, environment-friendly and energy-saving resin, Waterborne UV curing resin has better properties than traditional UV curing resin. Waterborne UV curable coatings can be applied not only to paper varnish, screen printing ink, lithographic printing ink, plastic varnish, gloss varnish and leather coating, but also to photopolymer printing plate, gravure printing ink and flexographic printing ink (many high-quality printing inks adopt multi-color overprint process, and only Waterborne UV curable coatings with low solid content can meet this requirement), even in wood Wood finishing also has high application value.

Waterborne UV curable resin is a new type of “green resin” with rapid development in recent years. It has a good application prospect in absorbent substrate. However, in order to ensure the complete volatilization of water, the coating made of Waterborne UV curing resin as the matrix resin has a relatively long drying time. The dual curing system combines light curing technology with other curing technologies, which can effectively solve the problems that the coating film on the surface of complex objects is difficult to cure.


Post time: Apr-25-2022