Selection and purchase skills of UV adhesive

The purchasing skills of uv adhesive are as follows:

1. Selection principle of UB adhesive

(1) Consider the type, property, size and hardness of bonding materials;

(2) Consider the shape, structure and process conditions of the bonding material;

(3) Consider the load and form (tensile force, shear force, peeling force, etc.) borne by the bonding part;

(4) Consider the special requirements of materials, such as conductivity, heat resistance, high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance.

2. Properties of bonding materials

(1) Metal: The oxide film on the metal surface is easy to be bonded after surface treatment; Because the difference between the two phase linear expansion coefficients of adhesive bonded metal is too large, the adhesive layer is easy to produce internal stress; In addition, the metal bonding part is prone to electrochemical corrosion due to the action of water.

(2) Rubber: The greater the polarity of rubber, the better the bonding effect. Among them, nitrile neoprene has large polarity and high bonding strength; Natural rubber, silicone rubber and isoprene rubber have small polarity and weak adhesion. In addition, there are often release agents or other free additives on the rubber surface, which hinder the bonding effect. Surfactants can be used as the primer to enhance the bonding force.

(3) Wood: It is a porous material, easy to absorb moisture and cause dimensional changes, which may lead to stress concentration, so it is necessary to select a fast curing adhesive. In addition, the polished material has better bonding performance than the wood with rough surface.

(4) Plastic: plastic with large polarity has good bonding performance.


Post time: Apr-03-2023