• UV curing resin brings new hope to various industries

    With the concept of low-carbon, green and environmental protection going deeper and deeper into people’s lives, the chemical industry, which has been criticized by people, is also actively self-adjusting in terms of environmental protection. In this tide of transformation, UV curing resin c...
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  • Six trends of UV curing resin industry in the future

    At the UV curing resin industry development forum held recently, the delegates paid attention to the development direction and modification technology of curing agent in the key supporting industry of UV resin, promoted the coordinated development of UV resin industry, and solved the situation of...
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  • Industry and market analysis of UV curing resin

    UV curable resin, also known as UV curable resin, is an oligomer that can undergo physical and chemical changes in a short time after being irradiated by UV light, and can be crosslinked and cured rapidly.   According to the in-depth market research and investment prospect prediction analysis rep...
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